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Why is this necessary?

The government has issued guidance stating "Organisations in certain sectors should collect details and maintain records of staff, customers and visitors on their premises to support NHS Test and Trace". In particular they have stated "We would prefer you to record and protect information electronically", so we thought we would make it easier for you!

The benefits of Time to Spare

Sign people in and out seamlessly

Register customers as they arrive. Sign them out when they leave. No need to download an app, no need to book in advance. Register all of your customers safely and securely. All the information you collect is remembered, so when they next come in, you only need to tick them off.

Be GDPR compliant

Don't fall foul of the GDPR. Keep your customers' information secure. Everything is password protected and encrypted, and individuals information is auto-deleted after the recommended 21 days. No danger of paper being left lying around and no spreadsheets that can be easily hacked.

Keep your staff and your customers safe

If a customer has a positive test, you can pull up a list of who was sitting near them when they came in with just a search of their name. No pages of paper to look through or messy handwriting to decipher. This means that everyone can get tested and isolate if needed, keeping everyone safe.

How it works

Our system has been designed to work around how you work already. Customers don't need to book in advance and you don't need to specially redesign your entire ordering process each time the guidance is updated. For more information on why we built it like we did see our blog.

Customers register their details

They can do this in advance by visiting your personalised page, or on arrival. Here they can securely register their details and those for others in their party. If people have visited in the last 21 days, they don't need to register again.

Staff check them in and out

When the customer arrives, they are checked in. If a customer hasn’t already registered, you can do that on their behalf. When the table leaves, the server signs everyone out in one go.

Everything is stored securely

Each customer's record is then held for 21 days from when they last visited. Once they have been registered, all personal details are hidden, keeping your customers' data safe. If there is a request for information from NHS contact tracers, the account owner can generate a list of everyone who needs to be contacted by simply searching the person's name.

Who are Time to Spare?

We are data experts. Founded in 2018, we have been working with charities since then to record who is using their services and when. We are trusted by charities across England and the world. This means we have the skills and the expertise to know how to manage people's data and to store it securely. If you would like to know more see our main site.

Founded in 2018 and been busy since!
Organisations have a Time to Spare account.
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How much does it cost?


£100 per initial license fee

✔ Seamless sign-in and sign-out
✔ Remember regulars
✔ GDPR compliance
✔ Data auto-deletion after 21 days
✔ Remote support
✔ Analytics
✔ Automated text messages
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