We can help your charity or business with track and trace requirements.

We make monitoring and reporting better for charities and their funders

We cut out the endless form filling and number crunching to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.

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Charities don't have a lot of time

and they spend too much of it collecting and analysing data...

... too much form filling and bureaucracy

for Service Users

... too much time spent getting data in the right format for funders

for Charities

... too much time analysing and struggling to get insights

for Funders

Inconsistent and incomplete data collection means missing gaps and conflicting perspectives

And this doesn't just cost charities time, it costs them a lot of money too.

It's time to sort this out.

We streamline the whole process to make monitoring and evaluation less of a pain for everyone involved.

Allow service users to sign themselves in (no more paper registers!), easily collect and store information on them, make sure nothing is ever out of date.

for Service Users

Get real time reports on the demographics of your users straight away.  Compare your impact with previous months and break your users down by location and category.

for Charities

Get insights to help you to understand the collective impact of your grants. Easily analyse your data without needing a PhD.

for Funders

And you can do it all on your mobile too.

No more lost registers. No more bad handwriting.

Get in touch to get set up (it's free)

And you can do it all on your mobile too.

No more lost registers. No more bad handwriting.

Get in touch to get set up (it's free).

Oh, and did we mention, it's free.

We don't think small charities should be charged for doing monitoring well. So we don't.

And if we are working with your funder, we will come and help you get set up for free.

Yep. As part of our deals with funders, we come and help you get going.

It's free - does that mean you're selling our data to Cambridge Analytica?

No. We make money by working with funders and local authorities to help them to understand the needs of the communities they serve. If you are a funder or local authority, find out how here.

We're already working with.

Intrigued by what we are doing and why?

Read our blogs (they're great), or have a look at our about page, to find out who we are. If you want a detailed tour of how it all works, get in touch or see our videos.